Established 37 years ago, The Arts Society Bath (formerly Bath Decorative and Fine Arts Society) has a friendly, active membership who share an appreciation of and commitment to the arts.  

We have an exciting and wide-ranging programme of lectures, special interest days, gallery visits, and other social activities.

New members and visitors are always welcome at our meetings in the Tea Room at the Assembly Rooms Bath. There is a cafe where members can lunch, meet friends and new members before the lecture begins.

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Lecture April 1st. 2019

Understanding Ancient Egyptian Art:

Wall Reliefs and Murals

Examining the splendid wall reliefs and paintings found in tombs, drawing on examples from the Old, Middle and New Kingdom periods. This lecture identifies the techniques, materials and different styles used by  accomplished artisans to achieve the beautiful paintings and reliefs we can still see today, more than 3000 years after the burial tombs were sealed.showing how they reflect Botticelli’s world. apartments,

Special Interest Day

Art of Russia in the

19th. Century

March 26th. 2019

Lecturer:  Jane Angelini




Monday April 29th.

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