Established 36 years ago, The Arts Society Bath (The new name of Bath Decorative and Fine Arts Society) has a friendly, active membership who share an appreciation of and commitment to the arts.  

We have an exciting and wide-ranging programme of lectures, special interest days, gallery visits, and other social activities.

New members and visitors are always welcome at our meetings in the Tea Room at the Assembly Rooms Bath (our new venue from October 2017). There is cafe where members can lunch, meet friends and new members before the lecture begins.

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Lecture - February 5th. 2017

‘White Gold from Saxony’ –

a History of Meissen Porcelain

Chinese porcelain imported into Europe was regarded as a magical material, precious as gold. In the 18th century Augustus ‘the Strong’ of Saxony encouraged the search for the secret of making it: this lecture follows the course of porcelain development at the pioneering Meissen factory from the beginnings of the golden age of the Baroque through to the Rococo periods, looking at vessels for tea, porcelain vases and delicate porcelain sculpture. keep alive an age-old tradition… Against all the odds, painting is alive and well in Britain today, and this lecture celebrates this remarkable achievement.’mechanisms for uncorking a bottle.

£35.00 including Coffee and Lunch

Special Interest Day

Tuesday, March 20th. 2017

Changing Styles in English Gardens

from 1660 to the Present Day

Lecturer:  James Bolton.

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