Established 37 years ago, The Arts Society Bath (formerly Bath Decorative and Fine Arts Society) has a friendly, active membership who share an appreciation of and commitment to the arts.  

We have an exciting and wide-ranging programme of lectures, special interest days, gallery visits, and other social activities.

New members and visitors are always welcome at our meetings in the Tea Room at the Assembly Rooms Bath. There is a cafe where members can lunch, meet friends and new members before the lecture begins.

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Lecture February 4th. 2019

Windsor Castle - The Greatest Castle in the World

Windsor is a vision, and its survival alone is remarkable, but its immense stories remain embedded in a bewildering array of arts. This talk, by the author of the Royal Collection's substantial new guidebook to Windsor Castle, concentrates on how Windsor was made, and by whom, drawing on evidence to illustrate the royal apartments, St George's Chapel- and the legendary Round Table building.  audiences are wide ranging. This lecture immerses you in Manet’s world of art and music.Since then these different cultures have co-existed, changing as the social and political landscape changed. This lecture explores in words, images and music the various strands, pagan and religious, that have created this festival.est-turners chair to the plastic products of the Pop Age this will challenge all of your perceptions about sitting down.the ‘70s. to present day designs.


Special Interest Day

Art of Russia in the

19th. Century

March 26th. 2019

Lecturer:  Jane Angelini