The Arts Society Bath

Lecture Programme 2017 - 2018

October 9th. 2017

Art of the River through Artists’ Eyes

Lecturer:  Alexandra Epps

November 6th. 2017

The Sculpted Horse: Themes in Equine Sculpture

Lecturer:  Viv Lawes

December 4th. 2017

The Corkscrew:  A Thing of Beauty

Lecturer:  John Ericson

January 8th. 2018

The Fall and Rise of British Painting 1968-2018

Lecturer:  James Russell

February 5th. 2018

‘White Gold from Saxony’ - A History of Meissen Porcelain

Lecturer:  Anne Haworth

March 5th. 2018

The Drama Behind the Taj Mahal: Mughal Painting at its Zenith and the Life and Times of the Indian Emperor Shah Jahan

Lecturer:  Oliver Everett

April 9th.  2018

The Silver Thread: Silver Filigree and Traditional Arts in Kosovo

Lecturer:  Elizabeth Gowing

May 14th. 2018

Discovering Macdonald Gill: Architect, Artist and Mapmaker

Lecturer:  Caroline Walker

June 11th. 2018

The Promendade des Anglais:  Artists in Nice

Lecturer:  Christopher Herbert

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