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Bath Decorative and Fine Arts Society

Lecture Programme 2016 - 2017

September 26th. 2016

Gustave Callebotte:  The Neglected Impressionist

Lecturer:  Tim Stimson

November 7th. 2016

Carl and Karin Larsson and IKEA Effect

Lecturer:  Ann Clements

December 5th. 2016

‘Sing We Yule.’  A Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas

Lecturer:  Sarah Deere-Jones

January 9th. 2017

Four Female Artists

Lecturer:  Pamela Halford

February 6th. 2017

Legends of Czech Glass

Lecturer:  Mark Hill

March 13th. 2017

From Magic Lanterns to Metro  Goldwyn Mayer:  

The Birth of the Silver Screen and the Artists it Inspired.

Lecturer:  Geri Parlby

April 3rd. 2017

Out of the Blue: The Story of Blue in Art

Lecturer:  Alexandra Drysdale

May 8th. 2017

Uniting Elegance with Utility:  George (and Alice) Hepplewhite

Lecturer:  Janusz Karczewski-Slowikowski

June 5th. 2017

The Imperial Easter Eggs of Carl Fabergé  - Before the Revolution

Lecturer:  Tony Faber

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